The Lion King Hero!

Hey guys, what’s up! I’m sure most of you have a hero right? Well if you don’t that is fine too. My hero is Rosa Parks and you probably are wondering why? Well, Rosa Parks lived in the time where people were very harsh on African Americans. Being a African American herself she sought out […]

Sanibel Island!

Freebird via Compfight           Have you ever been to Sanibel Island? Well I have and for me it is the best place to go on vacation! With the warm sandy beaches and beautiful biking trails it´s kind of obvious. I love Sanibel and I hope you will to after you finish my post. I hope you […]

My Pretty Sweet Project

My Pretty Sweet Project! What´s up guys! How are you? Well, you know about my 20% project, it has been going pretty good so far. I mean besides the DCCH orphanage´s volunteer director not being there, it´s all good. That´s right you heard me! The orphanage already has an Easter egg hunt! 🙁 Luckily, they […]

Happy Holidays!

Hey! It’s me, Eliana! I can’t wait for Christmas and New Years! I absolutely LOVE the holidays and spend them with family and friends. My favorite holiday is Christmas! I love to spend time with my family and I love to see the look on their face’s when they open the presents I got them. […]

School Activities

Hi guys! Today I’m taking you through my daily routine at school! “Yay” Anyway first I wake up around 6:15 in the mourning.  Around that time I get dresses eat breakfast and wait for the bus. I go out to the bus stop at 6:53 and the bus comes at 6:55. I get on the […]

My Excellent Easter egg hunt

Hey! It’s Eliana, Have you heard of the 20% project? You probably have but just in case I will go over it real quick. The 20% project is a project where we spend 20% of our time on an idea that will benefit out community in some way.  It could be from helping the local […]

Picture Stories

Activity 3 “Come on Stella!” my little sister said, “Let’s go!” I ran down the stairs and grabbed my suit case. “Alright I’m coming!” I said as I dashed out the door. I’m Stella, a 15 year old girl that lives with her parents and little sister. Mom and Dad were waiting for us and […]