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Hey it´s Eliana I know some of you know a little bit about me but if you don´t then this page will tell you All about me! I am 12 years old and go to Gray Middle School. Go Gators! I am the oldest in my family with 3 younger siblings. They are Mitchell who is 8 Olivia who is 7 and Nathan who is also 7. With three younger siblings it can be great sometimes but also difficult. It can teach you lessons and change the way you look at others. My siblings go to Mann Elementary. My mom and dad have important jobs in my family. My mom is a Speech therapist and helps kids learn sign language if they cant´t hear or are deaf.  My dad on the other hand is a Physical therapist and he works at Children’s hospital with kids who have Cerebral palsy.


I have a lot of hobbies and I think that I should share them with you. As you know my favorite hobby is Gymnastics because that´s what this blog is all about. I take gymnastics at Top Flight. I don´t compete but do it for fun. I almost have a backhand spring  without help and then moving to a back tuck. If you want to take gymnastics too then go to the link bellow. http://topflightgymnastics.com/

My other hobbies include going outside and playing soccer. I love going outside and just exploring. I also like soccer. I used to play on a team but now play for fun. Thanks for reading this hopped you enjoy.

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  1. Hey Eliana, I really like how smooth you started introducing yourself on this page. I was very surprised when you stated your parent’s jobs, as they both help our World. I also like that we have things in common, such as: playing soccer, and exploring. Where do you like to go exploring the most?

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